Raccoon Removal & Control of Minneapolis, MN

Raccoons can cause big problems for homeowners living in and around Minneapolis. These common pests can pillage your garbage cans and dig holes in your yard that ruin your carefully-manicured lawn. Raccoons have even been known to infiltrate homes and do extensive damage in attic spaces, basements, crawlspaces and more. If you have a family of raccoons causing issues in your home or business, it’s important to have them removed as quickly as possible.

At OakRidge Wildlife Control, we’ve been offering professional raccoon removal services in Minneapolis for nearly two decades. In addition to causing costly property damage, raccoons also carry diseases that can put humans at risk of serious health problems. That’s why we strive to rid properties of raccoons once and for all. We can also provide you with suggestions to prevent raccoons from returning in the future.

Our Raccoon Control & Removal Process:

  • We’ll come to your home or business
  • Analyze the situation and determine the best way to proceed
  • Trap the raccoons and remove them in a timely fashion
  • Identify the source of the infestation
  • Close any holes or gaps that raccoons might use to enter the building

Raccoon removal can be a tricky endeavor, but we are committed to getting the job done right so that you can rest easy knowing your home is free of these destructive animals.

Are you in need of a professional raccoon control service in Minneapolis? Call OakRidge Wildlife Control at (763) 633-3000 to schedule an appointment today!