Gopher Removal & Management of Minneapolis, MN

Gophers have become synonymous with the state of Minnesota. So much so that Minnesota is often called “The Gopher State” and the University of Minnesota uses the gopher as its official mascot. However, if you ever have gophers on your property, you’ll quickly learn these creatures are anything but cute and cuddly. They have extremely sharp teeth and claws they use to dig underground tunnels and burrows. Within just a few weeks, they can do extensive damage to your yard and force you to pay a fortune to repair it. OakRidge Wildlife Control can offer you the Minneapolis gopher removal and control you need to make your gopher problem a thing of the past.

In Minnesota, there are two main types of gophers you’ll find on your property. They’re called plains pocket gophers and northern pocket gophers. Plains pocket gophers are the larger of the two, but both can do a ton of destruction to your property if you don’t do anything to stop them. The Certified Wildlife Management professionals from OakRidge Wildlife Control step in when you first notice gophers on your property and prevent them from doing too much damage by providing gopher removal and control. We’ll inspect your yard for signs of gophers, find out how many of them there are, and work to humanely trap them, so we can take them away from your home and send them back out into the wilderness.

Outside of damaging property, gophers have also been known to spread diseases like hantavirus and leptospirosis when they encounter humans and pets. They’re able to transmit ticks and fleas to pets as well when you allow dogs and cats to play outside in your yard when gophers are present. OakRidge Wildlife Control will reduce the risks associated with gophers through our Minneapolis gopher removal and control services. We’ll remove gophers from the premises for you and do our best to make sure they don’t come back at any point in the future.

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